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Unlock valuable insights into the human psyche with our latest Twin Edition package! Includes exclusive podcasts featuring Jon Zherka and his twin brother Edon, a veteran Clinical Psychotherapist. The Podcasts will focus on Psych, Mental Health and Long Term Relationships.

Get Women

I have changed thousands of lives.

Jon reviews his smoothest pickups where some girls started off hating him, and turned to loving him within an hour of interacting with them. He breaks down each and every detail — what he says, how he says it, why he says it, in granular detail — making it replicable for anyone.

Kylie Jenner

JAN 4, 2024

Last night was so fun, we should run it back xx.


DEC 29, 2023

Boom! You have 34 new dates scheduled. Keep crushing it G.

Bottom G

DEC 23, 2023

Yo, put me on to your game.


DEC 22, 2023

My boyfriend wants you inside me <3


DEC 20, 2023

You have over 100 DMs from women on Instagram. Leaving them on read more than 24 hours might affect your close rate.


NOV 12, 2023

can i borrow £500, king? i'll pay u back on my mums life.

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learn how to talk to women and get what you want!

In DateIQ 2.0 you'll learn Jon Zherka's secret framework for getting hot girls off the street and into your bed! Uncover the profound psychological attraction triggers within a woman's mind while mastering the art of conversation to skillfully achieve your desired outcomes with women.

  • Direct / Dismissive Approach (Hot & Cold).
  • Understand the Deep & Dark Psychological Attraction Triggers.
  • The Two Archetypes of Men (Carnivore & Herbivore).
  • When a Woman Wants You to Break the Touch Barrier.



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Two Complete Psychology and Mental Health PODCASTS with Zherka and his twin brother Edon, a veteran Clinical Psychotherapist.

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